These Conditions Of Membership must be accepted as part of your application.


Full Membership 

Full Membership may be granted to an associate member who has a direct interest in the activities of the railway, and is prepared to commit to attend and take an active part in all the activities of the railway. Conditions for achieving Full Membership are

  1. Attend 16 Operating Days.


  1. Attend 26 Working Days


  1. Attend a combination of Operating and Working days that add up to 26


Operating days are defined as days when the railway is open to carry fare paying passengers.

Working days are defined as non-operating days but exclude members play days.


The membership year runs from 1st March to the last day of the following February.

An Associate member who has achieved one of the above during the membership year preceding an AGM, will be proposed for Full Membership at the AGM by recommendation of the committee.

The total number of Full members will be limited to a value reviewed and set by the membership on recommendation from the committee at an AGM.

Any full member who does not meet the conditions of full membership, will be notified in writing at the end of the membership year, subject to extenuating services, that member will be reduced to associate member on payment of the appropriate fee and notified to the membership at the next AGM.


Associate Members:-

Initial membership to the railway may be granted to a person who is aged 18 and over,

    Who :-

    1) Knows a EWR member willing to act as their sponsor,


    2) Have attended working days or operational days and demonstrated a commitment to the railway, during which time they should find a Full Member to sponsor their application.


   3)  Is transferring from junior or full membership by the payment of the appropriate fees.


Application to be initially approved by the committee. The prospective member will be informed of the decision of the committee in writing.  A subscription fee of £36-00 must be submitted with the application (This amount may vary subject to the remaining membership period)

The associate membership fee of £ 36-00 adult or £18 Junior (aged 16 to 18), to be paid each March, prior to the AGM.

Transfer between full and associate membership can be made (subject to the commitment conditions) with the payment of fees as required. The subscription fee will be reviewed at each AGM on recommendation by the committee.


Junior Members:-

May be accepted by application for junior membership, without the payment of fees  

Junior members under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the railway premises. Junior members reaching the age of 16 will be transferred to full membership (subject to the conditions herein), this change in membership is subject to acceptance at the next AGM.


Honorary Members:-

Honorary membership may be bestowed upon a person who has an interest in the railway and has given donations or services in support of the railway and its activities. Honorary membership will be given to wives, partners and girlfriends/boyfriends of members and associate members. Honorary members are not required to pay membership fees.


Gate Passes:-

There is a limit to the number of Gate Passes available to the railway.

Gate Passes will be issued and monitored by the committee.

Gate passes will be issued in the first instance to Full members and Nominated members of the catering team free of charge.

Any surplus passes will then be offered to Associate members who (at the discretion of the Hon Sec or Membership Sec) have demonstrated a suitable commitment to the railway. The passes will be offered at a reduced rate from that charged by the Water Park with the price being reviewed annually.

However, arrangements may be made to gain entry to work or with locomotives by prior arrangement.

Members holding a disabled pass are requested to take advantage of the parks reductions at the visitor’s centre, to allow greater benefit from the society’s allocation.


Health and Safety:-

To comply with Insurance and safety requirements all members are requested to sign the Signing On Register or log in with the computer on arrival at the site. Day visitors and members visitors should be signed in by a member using the visitors book, and wear a VISITORS wrist band.

    Where a duty roster has been compiled, displayed and is in operation, the staff nominated will be deemed to be on site. The Signing on Register/computer will be sited in the EWR mess room.

  All members are reminded that all railways are a place of danger, and that it is the responsibility of each individual to be aware of their own and others health and safety, also that of the travelling public.

 New members are requested to contact the H&S representative or deputy for a site safety briefing as soon as possible following the acceptance of your application.


Voting at the AGM:-

All full members have voting right with proxy vote if they are unable to attend the promulgated meeting. Associate and Honorary members have voting rights by attendance at the meeting only. Junior members will have the right of attendance at the meeting, without a vote.


                                                                              EWR. Membership Amended 3/16