Narrow Gauge Weekend  2024

September 13th 14th 15th
Public passenger trains will operate on Sunday 15th.
Narrow Gauge engines and rolling stock are models based upon those that ran on track throughout the world of less than the 4’ 8 ½ ”, classed as standard gauge railway.  All the models at this event run on the EWR 7.25" track but are mostly models of 2'-0", 2'-6" or larger gauge, but still less that standard gauge, full size engines. Their scales are therefore typically between 1/4 and 1/3 rd of full size.

ALPHA at Northgate  20160502 141847
 If you think of the Welsh heritage railways that run on a narrow gauge track, their engines and rolling stock look wider and taller in build in comparison to the size of the track. They look 'over size' for the track they are running on. The point of narrow gauge is that the track is light and can negotiate tight turns in mountainous and difficult terrain.
This narrow gauge event is held every year at EWR and a great opportunity to see a wide and diverse range of this type of engine. Some are miniature replicas of real narrow gauge engines and others are freelance; created by their builders to be different and in some cases larger to pull heavy trains.  You will see steam locomotives, diesel engines and you may be lucky to see a narrow gauge electric engine or tram. The event runs over the weekend from the Friday to Sunday with the public able to ride on trains pulled by the narrow gauge engines on the Sunday only.  People will be able to visit the park and watch the various engines running on the EWR railway on the Friday and Saturday but only ride the trains on Sunday.   Any narrow gauge loco or engine owners who would like to bring their engine to EWR for this event please use the Contact Us form - select Department Visiting Locos

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