You may know that vandals destroyed all the gnomes on our railway earlier this year- for a second time!  We received generous donations of cash and gnomes from the public following TV coverage, going viral on Facebook and our own appeal here.

The Gnomes appeal is now closed


Dear Supporters of the Gnome appeal,

On behalf of the committee and all of our members, may I convey oursincere thanks to members of the public who have supported our appeal by donations of gnomes and financial assistance.

The response from you all in various parts of the UK has been overwhelming. We have replaced and repaired many of the gnomes, and added the new ones, also upgraded our gnome security.

Thank you to all who have donated anonymously.  I will close in thanking you for your consideration and donations in recreating

our happy gnome area again for our young passengers to enjoy.

Yours Sincerely,

Jeff Stevens Hon Sec EWR

For and on behalf of the membership.

Gnomes1Part of the new Gnomes home

 Gnomes2Some new cousins of the Gnomes

 There are many more new Gnomes who live in crannies and garden verges in the Old Oak Yard; more pictures later.  We now have about as many new Gnomes as we had before the dreadful incident.




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